Welcome to all of you inspired by nature!

For those who dont know me, my name is Mihaela, i am Romanian citizen but currently living in Abu Dhabi (UAE).
I have always been interested and passionate about natural alternatives lifestyle, started at early age, so couple of months ago i decided it was the time to ditch the toxins found in my lifestyle. From diet, organizing my life and bathroom, lotions, body wash, body scrub, tooth paste to make-up, the amounts of chemical toxins I put in and on my body was astounding. With the urge for simplicity and natural living, I started developing my own 100% natural replacement, exercising, adopting a positive mental attitude and where necessary; drugless dietary supplementation.After a few weeks, I was amazed at how much good i was feeling inside and outside. I am looking forward to get fresh ideas from you all, please feel free to share your experience in natural health alternatives.

Natural Healthy Lifestyle page has been established with the purpose of becoming a info page of excellence in the field of natural health research, research funding, systematic reviews on natural medicines, guidelines.
We believe that:
In nature itself lies the solution to many of life’s problems.
Good health is the result of fresh food, fresh air, exercise, a positive mental attitude and where necessary; drugless dietary supplementation.
The body is programmed by Nature to heal itself. Given adequate resources to repair the damage caused by tissue breakdown.
The growing incidence of stress-related problems can be best remedied by adherence to natural laws.