Why to grow aloe vera plant indoor

Whoever knows me knows I do not like to receive broken flowers. But I found that I really like pots and especially beneficial indoor plants in pottery pots (preferably unique hand made painted).

Why aloe vera plant?

Simply, because, freshening up your interior décor that act as effective air filters, sifting out as much as 87% of indoor pollutants within just 24 hours.

In addition to their air purifying qualities, indoor plants have a positive effect on our general well-being too.

Instead of buying a humidifier machine look for a beautiful aloe vera plant, known for their ability to increase humidity levels and decrease dust.

And according to some research studies, indoor plants may even stop your headaches, improve your mental health, decrease your blood pressure and prevent allergies in children.

The good news is that aloe vera plants are super easy to grow houseplants, and they grow very well in pots. Dont overwater (will cause root rot, stem of the plant to rot) aloe vera succulent plants hold water in their leaves, so they can go a very long time without water. Aloe vera plants will grow their best when given light (so place next to the window).

The attached photo product (aloe vera plant into hand made ceramic painted pot) will be available along with hand made organic lavender sachets at One Piece Concept store Boutik Mall Reem Island Abu Dhabi.

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