Safe and Healthy Cookware

I have often had discussions with people who have a healthy lifestyle and who, although buying healthy ingredients, do not count or have given importance to the pots they cook.Whatever it’s made from can end up in your food, so if you’re reading ingredients labels, you should also be reading cookware labels.

The pots I recommend may not be the best especially for people who are looking for non stick, but I do not fry food and do not cook without water/steam so for me personal are excellent options.

Those are my recommendations for the safest cooking options:

Glass. All glass is inert, nontoxic, and safe

Porcelain or Ceramic. Testing shows a wide range of compounds in different brands and some are safe while others aren’t. For me these enamel finishes are inert & safe to use, little heavy and also chip easily so you just have to be careful when storing or stacking, how you clean it, though, as frequent use of abrasive materials can scratch the surface. Got my last ones from Home Center in offer.

Stainless Steel. This is a really great, safe and affordable cookware option. I have many of these that i have taken from different places like Ikea, Lulu (Barbantia brand), Home Center. Be careful how you clean it, though, as frequent use of abrasive materials can scratch the surface and lead to the release of small amounts of chromium and nickel.

Cast Iron is a great option, but only if not in combination with aluminium.  Between all above mentioned, cast iron is the maybe the one preferable for non stick option, is a vital nutrient so not a problem if some particles end up in your food, it’s durable, simple in materials, has even heating and good heat retention. We need to be careful to clean it as per the label instructions and because, cast iron will tend to rust, so it needs to be “seasoned” with oil before it is used.

I’m totally against for the ideea of cooking into the next cooking pots and I’ll explain why. The main issues with most of our kitchen traditional bakeware like non-stick and aluminum is that they can leach hormone-disrupting chemicals and heavy metals into food.

1. Toss the Teflon. Teflon is a coating typically made from chemicals from the perfluorochemical (PFC) family. PFCs have become a regulatory priority for scientists and EPA officials due to a growing body of evidence showing them to be highly toxic, extraordinarily persistent chemicals (some NEVER break down in the environment) that pervasively contaminate human blood and wildlife all over the globe. Recent research has shown that prenatal exposure to PFCs compromises early childhood immunity and that general exposure increases the risk of arthritis.

2. Aluminium – This type of cookware is very popular for years and i ve seen it present in all the kitchens of my Asian friends in UAE because it is a varied cheap and it is lightweight easy to use, relatively easy to clean as they says. We all have some aluminum exposure daily (paints, colorings, household items, light bulbs, etc) so no need to contribute more by cooking into this kind of material, recent research shows that aluminum is toxic at certain amounts and high exposure may be linked to many diseases including neurological problems.

3. Copper – Although copper is being promoted today as a healthy option container to drink water, some copper and brass pans are coated with another metal to prevent food from coming into contact with copper. Over time, these coatings can break down and allow copper to dissolve in food. Older copper cookware may have tin or nickel coatings and should not be used for cooking.

In attached picture some of my kitchen cookware, I’d consider these a much better choice over traditional non-stick cookware although some sources, however, claim that there is a potential concern with heavy metals and nanoparticles even on those materials….:(((((

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