Yes to Natural Perfume and NO Synthetic Fragrance Perfume?

Say “No!” to Synthetic Fragrances!

If you’ve started researching natural perfume versus synthetic fragrances, you would have found a vast amount of information about the benefits of natural essential oils often used in natural fragrances, have a range of mind-body benefits, from energizing to calming.

The problem with fragrance is not its scent but rather the synthetic chemicals derived from petroleum and tar. “Over the past fifty years, 80 to 90 percent of fragrance ingredients have been synthesized from petroleum and some of the commonly found harmful chemicals in fragranced products include acetone, phenol, toluene, benzyl acetate, and limonene.”

Only 800 of the approximately 4,000 chemicals used as fragrances have been tested for toxicity, either alone or in combination with others. These chemicals are so bad that “the U.S. National Academy of Sciences has grouped fragrances with insecticides, heavy metals, and solvents as categories of chemicals that should be given high priority for neurotoxicity testing.” (There’s Lead In Your Lipstick, Gill Deacon).

All of these toxins cause central nervous system damage. Physical reactions to fragrances are categorized as: respiratory – allergic and non-allergic asthma, reactive airway dysfunction syndrome, neurological – migraines, nausea, dizziness, mental confusion, skin – irritation, sensitization, and eye – tearing, inflammation.

People who use products containing synthetic fragrance create a bubble of toxins that continue to be emitted for hours after initial use, affecting everyone nearby. There is also evidence that exposure to fragrance may contribute to the development of asthma in children.

A smell isn’t just a fragrance it’s a memory. When a breeze blows the smell of natural fragrance, you’re instantly rocketed back to your first dance, your first hug, your first kiss, your happy moments in the Arabian desert…etc

And these nostalgic ties aren’t just a coincidence, there’s science behind why we cherish these aromas. Our olfactory response is directly linked to the emotional center of our brain, causing a flood of warm and fuzzy feelings with a simple sniff.

But aside from their memory inducing powers, 100% natural herbal and woody scents can also do amazing things for our mind and body. From stress relief to headache relief, calming, energy-enhancing,
relaxing and mood-lifting.

Say hi to HERBALSEVEN,  AYAMIS 100% perfume made with love by Mihaela

100% natural botanical perfume that brings emotional and physical healing properties such as calming, energy-enhancing, relaxing and mood-lifting.

Ingredients: Amyris Santal oil, Frankincense oil, Vetiver oil,
Rose Geranium and Citrus mix essential oils blended with a heady wood base oil #naturalhealthylifestyle #InUAE #UAEnaturalhealthylifestyle#handmade #artisan #madewithlovebymihaela #mbymihaela#inspiredbynature #organicproducts #organicoils #pureoils #lavender#essentialoils #carrieroils #artisansoftheemirates #herbalseven #herbal7#abudhabilife #simplyabudhabi #myuae #inabudhabi #abudhabistreetstyle#naturalperfume #naturalfragrance #ayamis #ayamihaelasaifstefania#ayamismadewithlovebymihaela

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